May 18, 2016

Recap: 2016 CFO and Strategy Executive Roundtable

On Tuesday, May 17th, JMI hosted its annual CFO & Strategy Roundtable for portfolio company executives. Attended by over 20 finance and strategy executives from leading software companies, the event featured panel discussions, presentations, brainstorming sessions, and networking opportunities. Discussion topics included value drivers for software companies, pricing strategy, sales forecasting, cross functional data integrity, and preparing for an exit, among others.

Rich in content and designed to stimulate discussion, JMI’s executive roundtables are a robust forum for networking and collaboration. Sessions are structured to promote an open discussion of common challenges, and facilitate the sharing of best practices. The next JMI Roundtable will be held on June 9, 2016, for product and technology executives.

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CFO roundtables 1

CFO roundtables 2

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